Planner Dashboards

On the front page of your planner, you will find a divider made of cardboard, sometimes paper. This divider is what is referred to as the dashboard. This is space that can be left plain, but more often than not, planners opt to decorate it or use it for some functional purpose that will add to the value of the planner in general. The dashboard could also be located in several different places depending on the planner’s design, as long as a divider is present.

Sounds great? Well what if you do not have a dashboard on your planner?

Though leaving it blank is a valid option, decorating your dashboard is a fantastic way to express yourself and personalize your planner. Don’t have any ideas? Well these are some types of the dashboards you could try to create:

Inspirational - Let the first thing you encounter be an image or words that stir up your spirit and remind you why you do everything that you do.

Motivational - What makes you jump out of bed, even on the laziest of days? What keeps you going up against whatever obstacles you face? This would be a wonderful thing to see when you open your planner.

Productive - You could use your dashboard to highlight the most important events within the planner to emphasize their importance.

Expressive - To create this kind of dashboard, all you need to do is allow your imagination to run loose and free. Add whatever you feel makes you happy, amused or reflects your personality. This would be a wonderful place to use a decorative sticker.



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