Decorative Planner Templates

A planner does not have to be all serious and boring just because it carries many essential activities to your well-being and general running of your life. It can, and probably should, be something you look forward to opening, using and fulfilling by completing all the scheduled plans in it.

However, we need to ensure our decorative accessories do not deviate our focus from the contents of our planners; are stuck on too adhesively for us to edit, in the event that they are used to mark events and do not become too costly. They should also only take up allocated time as it would be counter-productive to ruin your schedule by getting carried away decorating your planner. You would also need to ensure that the decorations add too much weight to your planner. This is because you are probably going to be carrying your planner around and nobody needs extra baggage.

Some items popularly used for decoration include:

• Stickers

• Washi tape

• Sticky notes

• Tape ribbon

• Decorative paper clips

• Tassels

• Colorful pens

Although all these items can be used for aesthetic purposes alone, simply to make you happy, they are best given functional qualities in planners. These could include:

• Covering up mistakes

• Adding functionality to plain notebooks for easier planning

• Highlighting important events

• Creating visual stimulation for enhance memory

• To make use of color coding and icons to save space and enhance privacy

Although decoration is optional, it remains a fundamental part of the planning process for many planners. Even if the decoration does not serve a functional purpose, the planner's peace of mind and freedom of expression are important enough when considering whether to decorate or not.


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