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In as much as digital planners have numerous advantages, many people still prefer to use physical planners. This would include notebooks, paper planners and journals. Most of those who prefer this method as opposed to the digital one believe that the act of writing down dates and appointments helps them remember their lists easily. This is a belief that is backed by my numerous studies.

Writing creates more room to personalize your planner as well. This is something especially important to people who value the creative process in their work. It thus explains why digital planners may not at all be an option to some people.

Similarly, some people would prefer planning their events with more connection to the process. This is gained by physically writing down the date of a meeting or a week’s schedule and also changing and readjusting your plans with your own hands. This gives many a feeling of being living in the moment; a concept that has been praised in recent years for its mental health benefits.

For some, it may make sense to use both digital and physical planners. After all, both have great benefits and it would be amazing to take advantage of both methods. This would only work if the physical planner and the digital planner application on your device work hand in hand. Therefore, if this were an option you would like to explore, then you would probably look for a digital planning application that comes with a physical planner, like a special notebook or journal. This will eliminate the trouble that would eventually arise with having to coordinate your planning between digital and physical mediums.



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