Custom Stickers For Planners

Stickers are one of the most popular planning aids around. This is majorly because they add aesthetic value and are extremely versatile at the same time. From decorating blank spaces to being used as icons to save on space, stickers, when used properly, are an invaluable asset to any planner.

Stickers provide a creative yet functional way to put reminders in your planner. They substitute plain handwritten text with exciting and colorful stickers. This makes the layout more attractive and easy to see. On top of that, this makes the planned event easier to remember due to the visual stimulation involved. This also helps fill up blank space, as stickers are typically larger than handwriting, without wasting it.

Speaking of waste, planners are usually divided over the usefulness of stickers. This is for the planner to decide, with many stickers being both functional and decorative; some leaning more towards one purpose than the other.

Whatever the case, stickers spruce up the appearance of a physical planner. This can be used to a planner’s advantage especially if the basic layout of a journal is mainly plain. For example, stickers that have dates on them can be stuck onto a plain notebook for easier tracking of events while providing visual stimulation, as mentioned earlier.

Stickers could also be used to save space when they are used in the form of symbols or icons. You could also use color coding to symbolize various activities instead of words. This saves time as you do not have to write and very valuable space.



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