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If you have kids at home, or a caretaker of them, you probably know how colouring pages can be the greatest passing time activity, all the while also improving the kid’s senses, and simulates some brain development. Making colouring pages from scratch will require you to find each of the individual pictures and put them together. This is very time-consuming and even impractical if the number of colouring pages to be made is huge. Printables for colouring pages allow you to download professionally designed images for printing. Below are some of the printable packages you will find browsing through our website.

Halloween Coloring Pages: This is perfect for kids that love Halloween. With patterns created to fit the Halloween theme, these printable colouring pages guarantee that you and the kids will have fun in the classroom or at home. Plus, the pages contain Monster Face Mash Up where the kids can let their creativity flow and choose to draw the faces of the monsters of their choosing. The pages come in a PNG format.

Printable Monthly Calendar 2020: Adults also need their fun when it comes to colouring, and this colouring page is perfect for that. It comes in a blank, containing spaces for Notes Letter Size, Monday and Sunday Start, Insert planner pages. Once purchased, you will receive 1 file: PDF Monday-Start (12 Month + cover), 1 file: PDF Sunday-Start (12 Month + cover), 13 files JPG Monday-Start + cover, 13 files JPG Sunday-Start + cover.

My weight loss Jar: Keeping track of your fitness, especially weight loss, if that is your goal is paramount. With the weight loss Jar colouring page, you can achieve this in a fun way. This is a page that contains a picture of a jar, and in it, the weight in lbs. that you have lost. Each time you lose weight, you colour the amount of the weight in the jar. Is that not motivating and fun? The page comes in one PNG and one JPG file.



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