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We have explored four categories of printable crafters, but still there are some minor categories that are yet to be explored. Some of them include:

Printable Bookmarks: Some of us are still old fashioned and prefer a good hardcopy book to eBooks. If you are such a person, printable bookmarks provide a stylish way for you to keep track of your progress. What’s even better is that these bookmarks can be customized depending on your preference and even the type of book you are reading.

Printable Quotes: Quotes keep us motivated, but a nicely designed one achieves more than that. A properly crafted printable quote can, therefore, be of great help in terms of capturing our attention to it and keeping us motivated.

Printable Clip Arts: When designing something, or decorating or simply just having fun, clip Arts can really help to bring the message you want to communicate come to life all the while being captivating.

Printable DIY Paper crafts: Coming with instructions on how to make them, printable paper crafts enhance the artistic aspect of any design or decoration. They are easy to make, once you get the grip of it and still, one can make money out of them.



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