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A great sign should not only be informative but also capture the attention of the intended audience. While creating them is not something that everyone can pull off, printables are here for the rest of us. You can download and set up unmistakable signs in only a matter of minutes using our signs printables. Imagine having to craft a warning sign for a wet pavement from scratch. Even for design gurus, this is not something they can just whip out in a matter of minutes. Sign printables therefore save time and provide a standard product that can be used and understood by everyone. Here are some of them:

School Signs Printable: When you have a child, or you are a teacher and it is the first day of school for your young kids, it is important that you try to motivate them as much as you can. This is what this listing offers. Coming in four packages, First Day of Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade and Pre-Kindergarten, the bundle has a black background with a colorful writing that achieves the maximum effect of leaving you kids motivated. All the four packages are of size 8*10 inches, are in JPG format and are 300dpi in terms of resolution.

Zodiac Signs: We all have those friends, or maybe even we are those friends who are obsessed with zodiac signs. For them, these Zodiac signs constellations that can be printed on coasters, gif tags, labels, birthday cards can be the perfect gift for them. The bundle comes in 12 Printables, each 4*4 inches’ square images for the zodiac constellations and of high resolution, roughly 300dpi. Once purchased, you will get three 3 JPG collage sheets 8.5"x11" for as many prints as you want.

Funny Bathroom Signs: These signs, made to create a warm, funny environment in the bathroom, contain 3 Printables in black background with white wordings. They include word searches, word scramble and crossword puzzles that once printed in a ratio size between 4:5 and 2:3 each of which with varying sizes.



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