Scrapbooking Stamps

Stamps offer yet another amazing way to decorate the pages of your cherished memories. These are just like the common stamps we are familiar with and are used in pretty much the same way. However, when it comes to scrapbooks, there are a few things you need to take note of:

Type of stamp

There are two common stamps used in scrapbooking; the acrylic stamp and the rubber stamp. The acrylic stamp is transparent, and you will need an acrylic block as it comes without any support. Their transparent nature is their biggest advantage because you can see where exactly you are positioning it. On the other hand, rubber stamps are durable but positioning is difficult as you cannot see through it.

Types of ink

There is a wide array of inks to choose from, and you will need to know which one is to be used for what. We have dye inks, pigment inks and StazOn inks; each with its pros and cons. For example, pigment inks do not fade quickly but take longer to dry.

Common errors

You need to ensure you clean your stamps after every use; only use alcohol-free wipes on your rubber stamps. Each new ink has to also be cleaned off with very fine grade sandpaper to get rid of any residue from production. This should be followed by another round of cleaning to remove the sandpaper particles. All this is done to avoid ink beading that can really frustrate you.



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