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Brother scan and cut- Understanding the setting screens

Posted on 27th August 2017
*note CM900 machine used.

1- Turn on your scan and cut machine.

2- Click on the pattern icon.

3- You can create your design once on the cut screen you can select the settings icon.

4- The settings icon has several screen which can help you correct and change different settings to help you cut and adjust your design.

1- Cut speed- this can be changed dependent on the material you are cutting.

2- Cut pressure - change this to affect how much pressure that will be used when cutting the media.

3- Draw speed- when using the scan and cut markers you can change the speed.

4- Draw pressure - this will adjust how hard the pen will push on the media.

5-  1- Fill pattern- you can use this to change the background pattern if using the pen tool.

2- Fill line spacing- you can change the mm on this setting.

3- Fill direction- the angle that the pen will colour and fill in.

6- 1- Additional line- You can add additional lines when using the pen tool.

2- Additional line spacing- you can change the line spacing.

7- You also have a settings button on the actual machine. These settings are general ones for the working of the machine.

8-  1- Language

2- Metric/imperial change.

3- Cut area

4- Screen background.

9-  1- Cut speed.

2- cut pressure.

3- Draw speed.

4- Draw pressure.

10- 1- Auto shutdown. The amount of time can be changed,

2- Buzzer sound.

3- Seam allowance- for quilting.

4- Pattern interval- set the spacing between patterns.

11- 1- Opening screen on/off option.

2- Position adjustment. To adjust the scanning and cutting position.

3- Blade adjustment area.

4- Fill/ additional line.

12- 1- Displays the serial number of the machine

2- Displays the software version that is being used.

3- Machine information. click on the icon to get the machine information.

13- Network. Use this to set up a wireless network set up. * only certain models

14- 1- Scan and cut online login ID.

15-  1- Premium functions. This is used when you purchase extra premium packs.

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