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How to cut an image larger than your cutting mat in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas

Posted on 5th November 2017
1- Open Scan and cut canvas. Log in.


2- Create a new project.


3- Create your design. As you can see my design is larger than the cutting mat so I need to split the design down and cut in parts.

Take note of the size of your design. you can see the dimensions at the bottom left of your canvas.


4- Select a square shape. with the shape selected click on the properties icon.


5- We need to work out what size to make our square. Take the measurements of your design and divide the height in 2 and the width in 2. (eg if my design is 400 x 500mm I would need to make my square 200 x 250mm) In the properties window change the square to the size you need.


6- Colour your square (mainly so you can see what you are doing)


7- With the square still selected right click on it and duplicate it 3 times so you have 4 squares. The total of the squares should cover your design.


8-  Make sure that all 4 squares are coloured in.


9- Now select the design you need to cut. Fill the design with colour, then right click and duplicate the design.


10- Duplicate the design 3 times and fill them all different colours so you can clearly see what one you are working on through the process.


11- Select all 4 design copies and align them together using the align tool in edit window.


12- Take the first square and place over the top left side of your design. Right click and bring the square to the front, over the design.


13- Select both the top design copy and the square. Go to the edit window and use the align tool to align both the square and design to the top left.


14- Right click and select divide.


15- you will see that the design is now cut into the square. Delete all the parts you do not need.


16- Now you are left with one quarter of the design. Move to one side.


17- Repeat the above steps 12-14. This time the square needs to be over text on the top right of your design.


18- With both the square and design selected, right click and select divide. Repeat the whole process 2 more times on the bottom left and bottom right.


19- you now have 4 parts of the design all separated. When you place them together they will form the whole design.


20- You can now place each part of the design on your mat and save as 4 files to be sent to the scan and cut. Once cut you can join together to create the whole image again.


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