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How to make a simple and detailed stencil in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas.

Posted on 2nd July 2017
1- Log into Brother Scan and Cut Canvas.


2-  Open a new project.

3- Go to the basic shapes and select the shape you want to use for the stencil. you can also import a shape if you need too.


4- Resize the shape till it is the size you need for your stencil.


5- Right click on the shape and select duplicate.


6- Select both shapes and move to leave a small gap between the two shapes. Select both and go to edit > align > bottom. Once aligned group the 2 shapes together.


7- Repeat the above steps until you have enough of your shape to make a full stencil. Make sure they are all aligned.


8- Select all the shapes and right click and group.


9- Select a new square.


10- Resize the square to fit around the grouped shapes.


11- Select both the grouped shapes and the square and go to edit > align . and align center and middle.


12- Finally right click and group them together ready to cut.


To make a more detailed stencil you will need to do the following-

13- Select the shape you want to use.


14-  Select the shape and go to edit > offset


15-  Change the setting for your offset to 0.8inches, and inward offset, and leave the rest as the default settings. Click OK.


16- Select both the shape and the offset. go to edit > process overlap > divide.


17- Remove the excess shape to give you the one single shape with offset. Delete the extra piece of the shape.


18- Select the shape and right click and duplicate.


19- Move each of the shapes so they slightly overlap. Select both and right click and weld.


20- Repeat the above steps and weld as you duplicate. Once you have enough duplicated Ensure they are all aligned together (edit > align > left) and then group ( Right click > group)

Lastly select all and with each line slightly overlapped weld ( right click > weld)


21- Create a new rectangle a similar size to the stencil shapes.


22- Select the rectangle and go to edit > offset.


23- Leave the offset with the defaults but make sure the corner type as bevel so the corners stay as a point.

Click OK.



24- With the offset and rectangle selected go to edit > process overlap > divide.


25- Remove the excess rectangle from the divided offset and delete. This will leave the frame for the stencil.


26- Place the frame over the stencil shapes and adjust to make sure each part of the star stencil is slightly overlapped with the frame.


27- With both the frame and the stencil selected right click and weld.


28- You now have a detailed stencil you can cut and use.

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