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How to create a font into a stencil font with Canvas Workspace

Posted on 18th February 2018
*formally Scan and cut canvas.

1- Open and log in to Canvas workspace. Select a new project.


2- Select the text icon to pick your font.


3- Select your font. If you want to use a font from your PC use the text converter to insert your text. you can find how to do that HERE.


4- Type your text.


5- We now need to Create a small stencil bridge. this can be made using a rectangle shape. Select a rectangle from the basic shapes.


6- Draw your rectangle onto your work space.


7- Resize the rectangle to make it small enough for a stencil bridge.


8- Rotate the small rectangle by going into the menu option and then using the rotate function to turn 90 degrees.


9- With the rectangle selected, right click and duplicate.


10- Duplicate the rectangle until you have enough to use on each letter that will need a stencil bridge. In the below text the letters O,B,D need a stencil bridge.


11- Place each rectangle at the top and bottom of each letter that needs a stencil bridge.



12- Select just the text. We need to make every letter its own separate part. Right click and select divide.



13- Select both rectangles that are on a single letter and then go to edit, align and left align. this will ensure that they are lined up.


14- Select the letter and the 2 rectangles. Right click and select divide.


15- using your cursor click and drag away the cut away parts.then delete them. you will see that you are left with the stencil bridge gap in your text. Repeat this with every letter and delete the divided bits you do not need.


16- You are now left with a stencil type font. This technique can be used on most fonts to create a stencil effect.

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