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How to create a Knock out effect in Brother scan and cut canvas

Posted on 1st November 2017
1- Log in to scan and cut canvas.

2- Create a new project.

3- Select the text icon.

4- Type your text.

5- We need to adjust the spacing of your text. by making the letters closer together so the knock out effect will be more effective.

6- Next insert the shape that you would like to use as the knock out part of your design. You can use a pre set image or upload one to use. I am using a border from the preset designs.

7- Adjust the image to fit your text.

8- Place the image over the text and select both.

9- With both selected right click and group.

10- Right click again and duplicate.

11- Move the duplicate out of the way. Click on the original copy and right click to ungroup it.

12- Select just the image and not the text. Right click and bring to the front.

13- Select both image and text. right click and select subtract.

14- You can see that the bow has been cut out of the text.

15- Select the copy of the image and text. Right click and ungroup.

16-  Select just the bow again. this time right click and send to the back.

17- Select both and right click on them. Select subtract again.

18- You can see that the spaces that need to be fitted into the top part of the design is left.

19- align the 2 parts together to finish your knock out effect.


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