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How to create a lattice effect in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas.

Posted on 1st July 2017
1- Log into Brother Scan and Cut Canvas.


2-  Open a new project.

3- Select a rectangle from the basic shapes.


4- Adjust the size of the rectangle to make it long and thin.


5-  right click on the rectangle and duplicate.


6-  Move the duplicated rectangle till it has a space between it that you would like  for your lattice.

Next select both rectangles and go to Edit > Align > left.


7- Both rectangles are now aligned.


8- With them both still selected right click and group them together.


9-  Repeat steps 5-8 until you have the number of rectangles you need to create your lattice. Make sure that they are all grouped together.


10- With the grouped rectangles selected, right click and duplicate one more time.


11- with the duplicated rectangles selected go to properties > and adjust the degrees to 90.


12- Select everything and go to Edit > Process overlap > weld.


13- Keep the lattice you have created selected and click on properties. change the degrees to 45.


14- Go to basic shapes and pick a square.


15- Place the square over the lattice and make sure it is in the middle. While you have the square selected right click on it and send it to the back. Next select the lattice and right click, and select send to front. It is important to do this so the next step will work correctly.


16- With both the lattice and square selected go to edit > process overlap > subtract.


17- your lattice is now cropped.


18- to finish it off so it will cut as a square, select a square from basic shapes and put around the lattice. Select both , right click and Group.

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