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How to create curved line in Canvas Workspace

Posted on 18th February 2018
*formally Scan and cut canvas.

1- Open and log in to Canvas workspace. Select a new project.


2-A new workspace will appear.


3- Select the edit node icon in the top toolbar.


4- To draw a line, click on your work space and then drag to get the line you want.


5- Double click on your line when it is selected this will bring up a small window. select one of the nodes.


6- in the drop down box select curve.


7- You will see that 2 little 'handles' will appear.


8- Click on one of the handles and drag it downward. This will curve your line. The longer you make the handle the more your line will curve.


9-Select the other handle and drag that also to create the 2nd side of the curve.


10- Slick off your curve and the node toolbox will go and your curve is complete.


11- If you would like to curve even further, you can add nodes to adjust. Repeat the above steps. Then click on your curve where you would like to add another curve.

Use the + option in the node toolbar.


12- You will see 2 more handles appear on this node also when the curve option is selected.

Drag the handles to adjust the curve a second time.


13- This node tool can be used with the curve option to create more swirls and swashes for your machine to cut or draw.

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