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How to create curved text in Canvas Workspace

Posted on 18th February 2018
*formally Scan and cut canvas.

1- Open and log in to Canvas workspace. Select a new project.


2- Select the basic shape option.


3- In the drop down list select the circle shape.


4- Click on your work space. a circle will appear.


5- Next select the text option. If you want to use a font that you have loaded in your PC you can use the text converter. You can find a tutorial HERE to help with the text converter.


6-Type your text.


7- Select both the text and the circle. Click on edit - and then centre align.


8- This will now align your design so it will be even.


9- Select just the text, then right click and Divide to separate each letter in your text.


10- Drag each letter downward so il is around your circle.


11- Rotate each letter so they fit on the edge of your circle.


12- Remove your circle.


13- Select all the text. Right click and select group.


14- Your text is now on a curve. Once grouped you can make the text larger or smaller, and rotate if you need the curved text on a different arc.

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