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Create a shaped word card in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas

Posted on 23rd June 2017
1- Log into Brother Scan and Cut Canvas website.


2- Once logged in create a new project.

3- Select your font and then type the text you would like to make a card with.


4- Select the text then click on the edit option. in the new window click on the offset icon.


5- A new window will appear. Keep all the defaults as per the picture below and click OK. (note- if you want a less defined text card increase the spacing in this window)


6-  An offset will appear. Drag the original text away from your offset. Select the offset you have made and repeat the above process a second time.


7- You now have the original text, an offset and then a second offset.


8- Select the biggest offset (which will be the base of your card) and right click. Click on duplicate to make a copy.


9- With the duplicate you made selected, go to edit and select flip vertically.


10-  Move the flipped duplicate so it overlaps the biggest offset.


11- Next select both offset and the flipped offset. Click on edit and use the align centre icon.


12- Next select the weld icon to join them together where they overlapped.


13- We now need to make the scode line. You could manually fold the card once cut out, but for a crisper fold line select the path tool (1) then holding the shift key down draw a straight line across the middle of your welded offsets. (2) double click to finish the line while still holding down the shift key.


14- with your new line selected, go to properties and select the dash line you would like to create the fold line.


15- Select the welded offsets and the line together.


16- Right click and select group so they will now stay together as one whole shape.


17- As you can see below the original letters will matte on top of the first offset, then that will matte on top of the card which will be folded.

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