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  • By Design Bundles
  • 23 Jun 2017
  • 2 Mins
  • Scan N Cut Tutorials

How to create a shaped word card in brother scan and cut canvas workspace

1- Open scan and cut canvas workspace. Click o the text icon.

2- Select your font and then type the text you would like to make a card with.

3- Select the text then click on the edit option. Click on the offset icon.

4- A new window will appear. Keep all the defaults, click ok. The offset will appear.

5- With the offset selected, repeat the above process and create a new offset.

6- Move the larger offset from the original offset.

7- Right click and duplicate the offset.

8- Select the duplicated offset and flip it horizontally.

9-  Place the flipped offset above the other offset.

10- Slightly overlap the 2 offsets.

11- With both selected, weld the 2 together.

12- Click the line tool and draw a line where the two halves meet.

13- Change the line to perforated so you can fold easy.

14- Select both the line and the shape. Right click and group.

15- You can now layer the original text and first offset over your card. finally you can cut the pieces ad layer.

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