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Fixing Error ERRS07 in Brother scan and cut canvas

Posted on 5th November 2017
1- Open Scan and cut canvas.Log in.


2- Create a new project or open a project that has this error.


3- Create a design or load the design with the error code.


4- Select all of the design and right click and select weld.  The Error code ERRS07 tends to appear when you weld items.


5- Below is the error code you will see. This error code means that somewhere in your design there is a gap. a part of your design that is not fully closed, this is why the project will not weld.


6- Zoom into your design and check for anywhere that does not join. You can see below that part on my design does not join. this is the issue and we need to correct it.


7- Select the part of the design that has the gap.


8- Click on the path icon. (or double click on the selected design) The path nodes will no appear.


9- There is an icon to join path nodes together(1). Click on this icon. You will see that your gap will now close(2).


10- Now we can try and weld again as the gap in your design is now closed. Select all your images you want to weld.


11- Right click and select weld.


12- As we fixed the gap, the design is now welded.


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