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Creating frames in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas

Posted on 5th November 2017
1- Open Scan and cut canvas. Log in.


2- Create a new project.


3- Start your frame buy inserting a shape for the outside of the frame.


4- Resize the shape. Select a second shape to use as the inside of the frame.


5- Select both the shapes. Select the edit tool. Using the Align option, center the smaller shape in the middle of the larger shape.


6- With the 2 shapes still selected, right click and select subtract.


7- You now have a basic frame. This technique can be used with any 2 shapes to create a frame.


8-  You can also use borders to create frames. Select your border.


9- Right click and duplicate 3 times.


10- Place the first one at the top of your canvas. Next take the 2nd border,select it and click on properties. rotate it 90 degrees.


11- Move the rotated border to the top border and overlap them.


12- Move the next border to the bottom. You may need to flip the border to it faces the correct way. Overlap the corners.


13- Select the last border and then click on properties. This time rotate to 270 degrees.


14- Move the last border and overlap the corners as above. Double check the 4 corners are overlapped.


15- Select all 4 borders. Right click and select weld.


16- Your border is now created.


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