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Welding and word frames in Scan n Cut

Posted on 13th June 2017
1- Log in to Brother Scan and cut canvas online.


2- Create a new project.

3-  Select the text tool and type your text. As we need to weld the letters, write each letter separately so you can move each one individually. This way we can weld them later.


4- Take each letter and overlap each one slightly.


5- Select all the letters and then go to edit and weld.


6- The text is now welded together as one file. Next create a shape for the frame.


7- Select properties of the shape and resize it to fit the size of the text.


8- Select the shape and go to edit then offset.


9- We need to create a inward offset. select inward and bevel the edge. Select OK.


10- We now have our frame.


11-Select both the offset and the original shape. Then go to edit and select subtract.


12- Next place the text over the frame and insure that both ends of the text are overlapping the frame slightly.


13-  Select both the frame and the text and then click on edit and weld.


14- You now have a frame. You can colour it and then you can also download to a usb to cut it or save as a FCM.

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