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Faux Stitching in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas

Posted on 5th November 2017
1- Open Scan and cut canvas. Log in.


2- Create a new project.


3- Create your design you would like faux stitching on.


4-  Resize it to the desired size, then click on the edit icon.


5- Select the offset icon.


6- In the offset screen, make the offset only a few mm from the edge of your design, next you want the offset inward not outward. leave everything else as default.Click OK.


7- You can see a straight offset inside your design. We need to make that look like faux stitching. Click on the properties tool (1). Next using the drop down line design select the dash line pattern(2).


8- You faux stitching is completed and will cut when you send to the scan and cut machine.


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