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Create a Split monogram with Brother scan and cut canvas

Posted on 13th June 2017
1- Log in to Brother Scan and cut canvas online.


2- Create a new project.

3- Go to the text tool and select your font. Type your letter. If you would like to use a font from your own collection you will need to access them via the text converter. You can find a tutorials how to access it HERE.


4- You will see that the text box appears a lot bigger than the actual letter. This can affect the correct sizing later on, so it is a good idea to remove the excess blank space.

to do this, select the letter and then click on edit. Go to the process overlap option and select divide. This will remove that extra black area.


5-  Select the properties panel and adjust the size of your letter to suit your needs.


6- Once you have the correct size you need, go to the basic shape option on the left panel and create a rectangle.

Adjust the size to be the same as the width of the letter and the height you want the gap in the letter to be.


7- Use the align option to centre the rectangle.


8- Select both the rectangle and the letter. Click on the edit option and go to the process overlap icons. Select subtract.


9- You will not have the rectangle removed from the letter.


10- Go to the basic letters again and create a rectangle. make the rectangle really thing and a little longer than the letter. copy and paste a second thin rectangle.


11- Align the rectangles to the top and bottom of the gap in between the letter. Make sure each rectangle is slightly overlapping onto the letter.


12-  Select both rectangles and the letter. Go to edit and select the weld tool.


13- Once welded we need to create a offset. Select the letter ad select edit. click on the offset icon.


14-  A new window will appear. Ensure that the outward is selected, and a rounded corner. click ok.


15-  You now have an offset on your letter.


16-  We need to fill in the gap on the offset part of the letter. To do this create another rectangle. place over the gap in the offset.


17- Select both the offset and the rectangle.


18- Select edit and then weld.


19- As you can see here the offset is now solid (bright blue colour) and the letter is not.(grey)


20- To add your text into the monogram, type your text.


21- Place over the monogram and resize to fit in the gap. Make sure that the text overlap the letter(grey part) slightly both at the top and the bottom.


22- Select both the letter (grey part) and the text. Select the edit tab, then weld.


23-  The text will weld to the letter to complete the monogram.

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