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Color Correction in Photoshop

Posted on 6th December 2018
1 - In Photoshop, open the image you need to Color Correct.

2 - Create a “New Curves Adjustment Layer” in the “Adjustments Panel”, then create a “Threshold Adjustment Layer” too.

3 - Move the Lever all the way to the right until everything is black, then move it slightly to the left until you see a bit of white

4 - Select the “Color Sampler Tool” (I) and click on the white area. The idea is to bookmark where the lighter part of the image is. You will see a mark with the number 1.

5 - Now, move the “Threshold” lever all the way to the left until everything is White and then move it slightly to the right until you get some Black. Make another Mark with the “Color Sampler Tool” (I), this time for the darker part. The mark should have the number 2.

6 - To add the Midpoint, turn off the “Threshold” Layer visibility by clicking on the small eye icon on the left side of the Thumbnail. Then, create a “New Layer” (click on the small button at the bottom of the “Layers Panel”).

7 - Go to Edit > Fill… (Shift + F5), choose “50% Grey” and click “OK”. Change the “Blending Mode” to “Difference”.

8 - Turn back On the “Threshold” Layer visibility, pull the lever to the left and then a bit to the right to get some Black and add a third mark with the “Color Sampler Tool” (I). This mark should have the number 3.

9 - Turn the “Threshold” and “Gray” Layers Off (small eye icon) or you can delete them if you want.

10 - Select the “Curves” Layer and in the “Properties Panel” click on the small “White Eyedropper” icon on the left side to set the “White Point” and click on top of your 1 Mark. Choose the “Black Eyedropper” icon on the left side to set the “Black Point” then click on top of Mark number 2. Finally, do the same with the “Gray Point”. You should notice the changes on the image as you set the Points.

11 - You may want to lower the “Opacity” of the “Curves Adjustment Layer” a bit (we set it to 85%). Then, right-click on top of the Marks you set with the “Color Sampler Tool” (I) and choose “Delete”.

12 - Create a “New Vibrance Adjustment Layer” on top of everything and set the “Vibrance” value to +70 to make the colors pop a bit more

13 - You can use this technique with almost any image you want to fix.

by @lornacane

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