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How to create a speed motion effect in Photoshop

Posted on 6th March 2017
1- Open Photoshop and select your image.


2- Select the polygonal lassoo tool.


3- Draw around the main subject of your image that you want to add the effect to.


4- Copy the selected area onto a new layer. Layer > New > Layer via Copy.


5-  We now need to add the blur filter. Filter > Blur > Motion blur.

6- Adjust the blur effect to suit your needs. If your image is on an angle, ensure you adjust the angle of the blur to match the image.



7-  when you select OK the blur will appear on your image. We need to adjust this so it shows the appearance of movement.


8- Duplicate the blur layer several timer (Ctrl + J)


9-  Select all the blur layers (Shift + Click the layers you want to group). Then go to Layer > Merge Layers.


10- All the layers are now merged. Add a layer mask to the merged layer.


11- Select the gradient tool.


12-  In the drop down box select the black to white gradient.


13-  Click where you would like the blur to start and stop, then drag the cursor to where you want it to stop.


14-  When you have finished with the gradient, you will see that you can see the front of your image, but the back is a gradient to blur, giving the affect of motion.

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