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How To Create Text Within A Shape With The Weld And Splice Tools
  • By Design Bundles
  • 04 Dec 2016
  • 4 Mins
  • Cricut Tutorials

How To Create Text Within A Shape With The Weld And Splice Tools

Learn how to create text within a shape using the Weld and Splice tools in Cricut Design Space.

Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open Cricut Design Space.

2- Type the text you would like to create a shape from.

3- Change the font to the one you would like to use by clicking Edit and then selecting your font from the drop down box. I am using the font Westmorland

4- Insert the shape you would like to use .

5- Ungroup your image at the bottom of the layers tab (if there is more than one layer to your image/shape) and select the layer you would like to use.

6-Select the text and drag over your shape. if it appear to the back select the text and go to arrange > bring to front.

7- Unlock your text by clicking on the little padlock on your text, now resize the text to fit over your shape.

8-Select both the shape and the text. then select the Slice tool.

9-You can now move away the parts you want to keep and the rest you can delete. You now have both a negative and positive of text into a shape

If you have an odd shape to use you may need to adjust your text for it to fit.

10- Ungroup your text and then unlock each letter with the padlock. you can now re arrange your text to fit the shape more evenly. this may include overlapping the letters or changing the shape and size.

11- Once you hare happy with where the letters are select all the letters (but not the shape) and then weld them together. We do this as the slice tool will only work with 2 layers and if the letters are all separate we would have 6 layers. (one for each layer)

12- Once you have welded the letters together select both the text and the shape. then click on Slice.

13- You can now separate the negative and positive shaped text. any other parts you do not need can be deleted.

14- to cut select the Cricut Go button and follow the prompts to cut your design.

How easy was that? Now you can create all kinds of projects using this amazing technique.

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