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How to weld text in Inkscape.

Posted on 1st July 2017
1- Open Inkscape


2-  Type your text.


3- Change the font. I am using Samantha Upright. Change the fill colour to none and the stroke to black. This way we can see where lines will weld.


4- With the text selected go to Path > Union. (union is the same as weld.)


5-  Your text is now welded.


6- To save it as a SVG so you can use it as a cutting file, click on File > Save As.


7- Select Inkscape SVG and save.


8- If you need to weld text and when you type it the text is not already touching follow the below procedure.

9- Type your text.


10- Select the text and change the font you need. change the fill to none and the stroke to black so you can see where to overlap your text. I am using Script Calm as the font.


11- Select your text and got to  Path > Object to path.


12- Next with the text still selected go to Object > Ungroup.


13-  Your text will now have separated and each letter will be its own active letter.


14- Move the letters till each one overlaps. You can also rotate slightly the letters to fit better for the weld.


15- Select all of the letters you need to weld and go to Path > Union.


16- Your text is now welded.

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