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Two ways to weld text in Brother Scan and Cut Canvas

Posted on 23rd June 2017
1- Log into Brother Scan and Cut Canvas website.


2- Once logged in create a new project.

3-  Go to the text options and select your font.


4- Type your text.


5-Select your text then click on the properties option.


6- In properties go to character spacing and reduce the spacing between each letter until each letter is slightly overlapping.


7- With the text still selected click on edit and select the weld icon.


8- Your text is now welded. This works fine for some fonts, but not all fonts.


9- When you have a more fancy font the above method may not work well. this is a second way to weld text when you have that situation.

Type your text and select it.


10-  While the text is selected, right click on it and select Divide.


11- This will make each individual letter become their own separate piece. You can now move each letter rather than the whole word.


12- Move each letter till they all slightly overlap. You can also rotate letters if that means they will fit better for the weld.


13- Select all the letters together.


14- Go to edit and then select the weld icon.


15- You text is now welded.

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