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Adjusting objects and text using the node function in scan and cut canvas workspace

Posted on 25th February 2018
1- Open scan and cut canvas workspace. Click on the new project icon.


2- Select your project.


3- Find your project and select it.


4- Your project will appear on the canvas.


5- Select the design you need to alter.


6- Double click on the design. you will see nodes appear, then a small node box appear with different options.


7- You can click on any of the nodes and move them to adjust your designs shape.


8- You can also click the + node option and add nodes to change the shape.


9- You can also select the curve option and handles will appear for you to adjust to curve your design.


10- You can also adjust text with the node option. Type your text.


11- Select your text and right click and divide. This will separate the letters so you can work with their nodes.


12- Select a letter you want to adjust. I am going to select the N so i can make the thing parts thicker when cutting vinyl.


13- Double click on the letter. The nodes will appear. You may need to zoom in for an accurate look at nodes.


14- Select one of the nodes near where you want to make the text thicker. Note the blue nodes are the ones to move the line and the grey ones are the handles to move the curve.


15- You can see here I have moved the nodes to make the n slightly thicker for cutting.


16- When you overlap the 2 n's you can see the difference such a small mode of the nodes can make. This is great when you have a font with very thing parts.

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