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How to thicken text for foiling using Inkscape and cricut design space

1- Open Inkscape. Click on the text icon.

2- Type your text.

3- Change the text into the font you want to make thicker. I am using the font lovely melissa font from fontbundles.net

4- With the text selected, click Path- object to path.

5-  Go to object- ungroup.

6- This will separate your letters. Adjust them and overlap if needed. Now go to Path - union(weld)

7- Next you need to zoom out of the screen. The reason we do this is when you use an offset it will adjust your text by 2 pixels. So the larger we make the text, the smaller the offset will be in proportion.

8- Click hold Ctrl +Shift and make your text larger.

9- Go to path - outset. Ctrl+ )

10-  Using the Ctrl + ) shortcut adjust your outset (offset) I have adjusted it approx 10 times  to thicken the font.

11- Resize your text back to fit onto your work space.

12-  We now need to save the thicken text. Go to file - Save as

13- Save as a SVG file.

14- Open cricut design space. Click on upload.

15- Select upload image.

16- Save the text.

17- Select the saved text and upload.

18- your text will appear on your design space as a cut file.

19- Go to line type and change to draw. Make sure that you attach the text so it stays together when you go to draw it.

20- Adjust the positioning and then continue.

21- Select your media type on the dial.

22- Click go.

23- Your text will start to foil.

24- Your finished foiling. This technique is great when you want to foil very thin fonts but need the design thicker to either make it clearer to see or you want to fill the text.

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