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Creating a offset to foil using inkscape and cricut design space

1- Open inkscape. click on the text tool.

2- Type text.

3- In the text and font panel select your font and size. I am using Luducudu from fontbundles.net Apply the font and size.

4- With the text selected, click Path- Object to path.

5- Next go to Object - ungroup.

6- The text is now individual letters. Select them all and go to path- union. This will weld any overlapping text.

7- With the text still selected, go to Path - linked offset.

8- You will see a little node at the top left of your text. This will create the offset. Drag the node to the width of the offset you want.

9- Your offset is created.

10- Click on the color palette and change the color of the offset so you can see it.

11- With both selected, click on object - group.

12- Go to file - save as.

13- Save as a SVG file.

14- Open cricut design space. Click on the upload icon.

15- Click on upload image.

16- Name and save your file.

17- Select your saved file and upload to your design space.

18- Your design will appear . Select it.

19- Go to line type and change to draw. Next click on attach so the offset and text stay together when you go to the cut screen. Click make it.

20- Position the text on your cut mat.

21- Select the material you are using on the dial and then ensure that the foil quill is placed in clamp A. Click go.

22- Your offset will start to foil.

23- The finished offset will be foiled. You can adjust the width of the foiled offset in inkscape to your desired needs. Especially if you are trying to make a very thin font thicker this is a great way to do this.

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