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How to thicken text for cricut design space using Silhouette studio

*Business edition was used to save as an SVG file. You can use the same technique with the free edition by taking a screenshot of your design and saving as a Jpeg then using a SVG converter or using the tracing function in cricut design space.

1- Open silhouette studio. Click on the text icon.

2- Type your text. Select the text type icon.

3- Change your font that needs to be thicker. I am using Lovely melissa font from fontbundles.net

4- Resize your text. click the offset icon.

5- Click the offset icon. you can adjust the width of the offset then once you are happy with it click OK.

6- Delete the original text, leaving the offset behind. Select the offset. Right click and group together.

7- Click on file - save as - save to hard drive.

8- Save as a SVG.

9- If you only have the free edition, change the appearance of your design space and remove the grid. Change the line color to black and increase it to 1.25 pt. You can now screenshot the text offset, then either alter in cricut design space, or use a free SVG converter.

10- Open cricut design space. Click on the upload icon.

11- Click on the upload image icon.

12- Save your offset.

13- Select your offset and upload into your design space.

14- Your offset will upload into the design space as a cut file.

15- Click on line type. Change to draw. Click on the attach icon.

16- click Go Adjust the position of your design and click continue.

17- Turn the dial to match your media. I am using cardstock.

18- Click go.

19- Your design will start to foil.

20- Your design is foiled. This technique is great when you have very thin fonts and you would like the thin lines to be more visible.

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