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Text basics in Silhouette

Posted on 20th March 2017


1- Open up silhouette studio software.


2- Select the text icon on the left and write your text.


3- When you finished your text, click somewhere else on the design space. this will now make the text into a cut file.


4- With the text selected you can now click and drag the text anywhere on the design space. Where ever you place the text on the mat will be where it cuts on your media that you place on the mat.


5- By selecting the small white squares on the text cut file you can click and drag to make the text larger or smaller.


6-  On the right you have the edit text options (text style). With font style you can change your text font.


7- Next is the justification option. Here you can adjust the the text to the left, right or center.


8-  You can also adjust the text to horizontal or vertical.


9-  With Character spacing you can adjust the distance between each letter, depending on the font you may need to adjust this to make each letter either closer or further apart from each other.


10- Line spacing will adjust the distance between each line of text.This is helpful especially when using fancy glyphs than may have swirls that over lap the below text.


11- If you select your text and right click you can ungroup your text. By doing this you will make each letter its own file so you can alter them individually.


12-  Once ungrouped you can take a single letter and change the size. You may want to do this to highlight a capital letter or give character to your text.


13- When you are happy with your adjustments you can select the text and click on the group icon and then the letters will be regrouped.

Fonts are from and the font is called Chocolate heart script.

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