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How to Create a Kawaii Candy in Silhouette Studio
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 03 May 2022
  • 15 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Silhouette Tutorials

How to Create a Kawaii Candy in Silhouette Studio

In this fun tutorial learn how to create a Kawaii Candy character in Silhouette Studio.

Today you will learn how to create a Kawaii candy in Silhouette Studio. Kawaii designs are sweet little characters that light up your day. In this tutorial we will specifically make a cut file with our design. Simple, easy and fun to create, you will be making Kawaii candies in no time.

Mockup Create a Kawaii Candy in Silhouette Studio

We also have tons of Kawaii Candy designs available on Design Bundles for you to browse through.

Step 1 - Create a Candy Wrap Base

Let’s begin by opening Silhouette Studio and creating the candy wrap base.

Draw an Ellipse

On the left side toolbar, select the Drawing Tools to open the menu. Now click on the tool Draw an Ellipse. Click + drag the ellipse out on the mat area. You can make this any size you want.

Create an ellipse for Kawaii candy

Use the Flexi Shapes Tool

Next, we are going to create the wavy wrapper ends using Flexi Shapes. Select the Flexi Shapes Tool, then click on the last shape in the second row.

Click + drag this shape out on the mat just a bit larger than the ellipse. Reposition the shape so that it sits halfway in the ellipse on the right side. Place the shape so that you have three wavy areas pointing out.

Add a flexi shape in Silhouette

Edit the Flexi Shape

We need to edit the shape with the Point Editing Tool to get the result we want. In order to edit the shape, it has to be converted to a path.

Select the Flexi shape and go to Object > Convert to Path. Next, click on the Point Editing tool on the left side to activate the nodes.

Convert object to path in Silhouette

Select the nodes on the left side by holding Shift + clicking on each node. Then either hit Delete on your keyboard or use the Point Editing panel on the right.

Delete selected nodes in Silhouette

Drag the right side of the shape to the left, then edit the nodes as shown below.

Edit nodes of shape in Silhouette

Duplicate then Mirror theShape

Select the wrapper edge, right click > Duplicate then mirror the shape. Place this duplicate on the left side of the ellipse. Now, select both wrapper edges. Then click on the Send to Back icon on the top toolbar.

Duplicate and reposition shapes

Fill Shapes with Color

Using the Fill Panel on the right side toolbar, add color to your shapes. Don’t change the line Width as we will be adding a black outline for the cut file later on.

Add color to shapes in Silhouette

Step 2 - Use the Modify Panel

If you want to use this design as a single layer cut file, we need to modify the shapes. Drag a selection box around all three shapes. Then open the Modify Panel on the right side. Click on Subtract All.

The wrapper ends will “cut” to the shape of the ellipse.

Use Modify Panel in Silhouette

Shift each side wrapper out a little bit from the ellipse as shown below.

Shift position of wrapper edges

Add an Offset to the Shapes

To create the black outline, select all three shapes and create an offset. Change the Distance to 0.100. Click Apply.

Add an offset in Silhouette Studio

Fill the offset with black. Once again, select all of the objects as well as the offset. Under the Modify Panel, click on Subtract All. The ellipse and wrapper ends will be cut out of the black background.

You now have a black outline as seen below.

Use Subtract All in Modify Panel

Step 3 - Create the Kawaii Candy Face

We can now create the little Kawaii candy face.

Create the Eyes

Using the Ellipse tool on the left side, hold Shift then click + drag out a perfect circle. Fill this one with black then create two more and fill these with white. Resize the white circles so they are different in size and smaller than the black circle.

Reposition the bigger white circle inside the top right of the black circle. Place the smaller white circle bottom left.

Add eye detail to Kawaii Candy

Select all three circles, right click > Group then right click > Duplicate. Shift this duplicate eye over to the right side.

Duplicate eye for Kawaii Candy

Select both the eye groups and the ellipse, then click Subtract All. In the image below we shifted the one circle down. As you can see the shapes have been subtracted, making this an easy to layer design.

Subtract all the eye shapes

You can also create closed eyes for your Kawaii candy in Silhouette Studio.

Closed Kawaii Eyes

Create the closed Kawaii eyes using the Flexi Shapes tool. Choose the Half Moon shape, first one on the left in the second row. Click + drag the shape out so that the curve is on the top.

Use the Point Editing tool to delete the sharp corner nodes. This will create a more rounded shape. Fill with black, duplicate and shift over to the right.

Create closed Kawaii eyes in Silhouette

As we did with the open eyes, select both shapes and the ellipse shape. Now, click on Subtract All in the Modify Panel.

Add the Mouth and Tongue

For the mouth, use the same method that you used to create the closed eyes. Now right click > Flip Vertically.

Flip mouth shape vertically

Duplicate the mouth, right click > Flip Vertically and fill with a pink. Resize this pink duplicate and position it to overlap the lower part of the mouth. This will be the tongue.

Select both the tongue and mouth, then click on the Align Tool on the right side. Align Center on the Horizontal option.

Create mouth design of Kawaii candy

Use the Intersect Option

We need to intersect the tongue shape so it fits neatly in the design. First, duplicate the mouth shape and move to the side. Then, select both the original mouth and tongue shapes. Next, click on the Intersect option.

Intersect tongue design for Kawaii candy

You will be left with the overlapping shape, which will be filled with black. Fill this new shape with the pink you used previously. Now, with this new shape still selected, click on the icon Bring Forward on the top toolbar.

Bring shape forward in Silhouette

Select both the pink and black shapes. Then use the Align tool to align the center on Horizontal. Next, right click > Group. Now you can move the mouth detail to the middle of the face.

Remember to select this group with the ellipse then click on Subtract All.

Align mouth detail to center of design

Step 4 - Add in the Final Details

Our Kawaii candy could do with a few details like cheek spots and a pattern.

Make Pink Cheek Spots

Using the tool, draw out an ellipse and fill this with a light pink. Place this shape just below and at the corner of the one eye. Duplicate this shape and move to the opposite side. Make sure to select both cheek spots and the ellipse, then Subtract All.

Create cheek spots for Kawaii candy

Create a Pattern for the Wrapper

For the final touch, let’s add some accents to the wrapper ends. Drag out an ellipse to cover one side of a wrapper end. Fill this with a lighter color.

Next, select both the wrapper (not the outline) and the ellipse. Under the Modify Panel click on Divide.

Add accent to wrapper design

Now, unlike the other Modify tools, this will divide the pieces where they overlap. So you will need to delete the unwanted piece. For our design, that would be the piece on the outer edge.

Remove unwanted area of design

Repeat this for additional details on both of the wrapper ends.

If you want, you can remove the cut lines to better see the design. Go to the top toolbar and click on the drop down menu for the Line Color. Now click on the hatch box.

Remove line color from design in Silhouette

When clicking on the Send icon top right, this is how our design looks as a cut file.

Design in Silhouette Studio Send panel

Our cute little Kawaii candy is now complete.

How to Create a Kawaii Candy in Silhouette Studio

Use these cuties for HTV projects, card designs and even sublimation! You can create multiple color combinations for your candy projects. Why not create some stickers for candy jars and give as gifts to friends and family? The possibilities are endless when you create a Kawaii candy in Silhouette Studio.

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