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How To Use The Modify Tool In Silhouette Studio

Posted on 5th February 2017

1- Open Silhouette software.

2- Draw 3 shapes and fill with color. Open the modify tool by selecting the modify icon.

3- The modify tool has 9 different options. Weld, Intersect, Subtract, Crop, Subtract all, Divide, Detach lines, Make compound path, Release compound path.

4- Weld tool- Overlap your shapes. select them all and click on the weld icon this will join all your shapes together to create one whole shape.

This is great for joining text when you want to cut in one piece.

5-Intersect tool - Overlap your shapes. And select the intersect button.

6- By selecting the intersect button you will remove the parts of the shapes that are not overlapping. Leaving you with only the overlapped part of the shape.

7- Subtract tool- Over lap your shapes once again.

8- The Subtract tool will remove the overlapped part from whatever shape you layer over the bottom shape.

9-  Crop tool- Layer your shapes over each other and select the crop tool.

10- The crop tool will remove all parts of 3 or more shapes overlapping leaving only the parts that are overlapping each other.

11- Subtract all - Layer your shapes over each other. Select the subtract all tool.

12- Subtract all will subtract areas of shapes obscured by other shapes.

13- Divide tool- Layer your shapes over each other and select the divide tool.

14- The divide tool will create individual shapes from the intersection with up to 8 shapes.

15- Detach lines- Select your shape and then select the detach lines tool. this will detach the outline from a shape create its own new shape.

16- Make Compound path - Overlap your shapes. Select the make compound path tool.

17-  The tool will merge the selected shapes into one simple shape. Any parts of the shapes that overlap the area of another shape is drawn as a hole.

18- Release compound path -  Select the released compound path shape that you created above.

Select the release compound path tool.

If any of the selected shapes have a hole (like the shapes above) the hole is detached and converted into a whole shape in its own right.

The release compound path tool is vital when you have pregrouped images/shape and you want to detach them to delete part of that image/shape.

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