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How to use the magnetic floating panels in Silhouette Studio V4

Posted on 5th June 2017
1- Open silhouette studio.


2- When you select any of the icons on the right toolbar, instead of a drop down box appearing (like in V3 of silhouette studio) a totally separate window/panel will appear.



3- These panels can be moved about your design space to suit your needs.


4-  If you select another icon in your toolbar, the previous panel will close and the new panel will replace the old one on the design space.

You can change the function of these panels. To do this, select the settings icon.


5- The settings window will appear. select the default option.


6-  In the defaults you will see a panel mode. The default is single panel mode, as shown above.


7- the second option is Flexible panel mode. Select it and click on Apply and OK.


8- With the flexible panel mode you can select a icon and have a panel appear. If the select a second panel it will replace the previous panel... but.... if you select the first panel, then move the panel somewhere else on the screen and select a second icon a second panel will appear next to the previous one rather than replacing it.



9-  Go back to settings to select the multiple panel mode. Click on Apply and OK.


10-  Multiple panel mode allows you to have as many panels on the screen as you like. You can also move them next to each other and they will attach to each other. You can close one off at a time, move them around the page or click on the larger X in the right corner of the joined panels and close them off all at once.


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