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Using the Align Tool

Posted on 20th October 2017

1- Open Silhouette Studio

2- Add text or graphics for your project.  If it's text you need to have them as separate images to use with this feature.

3- Open the Transform panel on the left-hand side.

4- Select the correct image showing the alignment option you want.

4- If you have a series of graphics you want to align, select all the images you want to use.

5- Select the image of the way you want to align them.

6- To space them equally apart horizontally select the spacing horizontal tool.  (This is a huge timesaver if you are making a pattern.)

7- If you want to align your graphics inside of a shape, first draw or open the shape.

8- If you have multiple graphics, first group them together. (right click to bring up the shortcut menu) 

9- With everything selected, click on the center tool without the box around it.  (the box around it centers it to the page instead)

Here is a close up of all the alignment tools within the transform panel.  The pictures are for the most part self-explanatory for what they will do.

I hope this saves you a lot of time and frustration trying to get your designs properly aligned.

*I used the Weathered Sweater font from the Christmas Design Bundle Volume II

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