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Using the Sketch Tool with the Silhouette Curio

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Click on the cutting mat options and change to Curio. Change the size of the cut area to fit the curio mat.

2- With the cutting mat and the size changed, you will see the curio mat appears on the design space.

3- Type your text.

4- Change to the font you want to sketch. I am using Cleopatra font from fontbundles.net

5- You can also sketch shapes you design. Go to the shape tool and select one.

6- Your design will appear as a red line like cut lines. If you own any SVG designs you can upload them to sketch also.


7- Even if the design is coloured you can still sketch it.

8- Click on the send screen. Go to the machine options. Select the curio machine.

9- In the action drop down box select the sketch tool.

10- Once everything has been set and the sketch pen is placed into the red circle, your media is to be placed onto the cutting mat with a mad combo of 6,you can then click send.

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