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Using the Toggle Tool in Silhouette Studio

*Using business edition.

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Click on help.

2- In the help icon you can go to view as, and toggle between different versions of the Silhouette software.

3- When the standard edition is selected, you will see that the business edition options will be hidden so you can only see the standard edition options. You will also see that the business edition has disappeared from the top of the screen.

4- If you toggle to the designer edition, you will see it noted at the top of your screen, and on the toolbars the designer features will appear.

5- Toggling to the designer plus edition will  show all the designer plus features. and designer plus will appear at the top of your screen.

6- You can toggle back to your original version at any point. This will show at the top of your screen and all features of that version will appear.

7- The other feature in the same view in section is the ability to hide your personal information in the library. Under normal circumstances in the library will show your email address.

8- Go to Help and then to view in. Select the hide email address icon.

9- Now your email address will be hidden on your library.

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