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Using the Lasso tool in Silhouette Studio

*Using Designer edition or higher.

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Open your files to find your designs.

2- When you have your design. make sure it is ungrouped. As you can see a lot of the design parts are very close together.

3- The lasso tool is found in the left toolbar. Click on it.

4- Using the lasso tool, click and drag around the sections you would like to select.

5- Once you complete the lasso, anything that is within the lassoed area and touched by the lasso, will be selected.

6- If you would like only the designs within the lasso to be selected, go to settings and change the selection lasso style from touches to enclosed. Click OK.

7- Circle the parts you require to be selected again.

8- With the setting changed to enclosed you will see that only the designs fully enclosed will be selected. the ones that are just touched will not be selected.

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