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Print bleed function in Silhouette Studio

*Free version and higher.

1- Open silhouette studio.


2- Add the images you want to use for your print and cut. I am using Valentines day clipart and patterns from design bundles.net


3- Click on page setup.


4- Click and turn on the registration marks.


5- In page setup, click on the print bleed check box. This will set a small amount of print around your image, so when you cut there will not be any white parts. You can also adjust the width of the print bleed with the slider.



6- Go to send and make sure that the cut lines are around the images. If the cut lines are not around the images, the bleed will not print.

Print the page.


7- The bleed lines will appear around your images. You can now place on your cutting mat and cut around your images.

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