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New Trace Options in Silhouette V4 Software

In the New Silhouette V4 software there are now 3 trace functions. regular trace, Trace by colour and magnet trace. I will be using the designer software in this tutorials.

To use the trace by colour and magnet trace you will require the designer edition.

1- Open your software.


2- Open the image you would like to trace. Select the trace icon on the right toolbar. You will see 3 different trace options.


3- Firstly select your trace area (1). Ensure the solid fill option is selected (2). You will see that the area will highlight yellow. It is also good to note that in the new software the high pass filter is automatically off. (In V3 you had to manually turn off this function) Adjust your threshold to ensure all the area you want to trace is highlighted. Once you are happy click trace (3).


4- You imaged is traced and a cut line is where you traced.


5- You have a second option in the basic trace function now. Select your trace area (1), then this time select outline(2). Rather than the whole image getting highlighted you will see that only where the trace line will go is highlighted yellow. Once you are happy with the trace line select trace (3).


6- As you can see the trace line is the same as previous option and ready to cut.


7- The next option is the trace by colour. This is a new function in the V4 software, and is available in the designer edition.

Upload your image. Select the trace icon. This time select the trace by colour option.


8- Click on the trace by colour eyedropper (1). a small hand will appear. Select the colour you want to trace(2). All of that specific colour will highlight yellow. If there are similar colours/hues they may all highlight. You can adjust it by changing the threshold to only highlighting the colour you want to trace. Once you are happy select trace(3).



9- As you can see only the red colour traced.


10- Repeat the process with the other colours. You can then fill each traced part with the colours required by using the fill tool or even the eyedropper so the colours match.


10- As you can see when you go to cut each colour is now a cut file.


11- Lastly there is a magnet trace tool. This gives you the ability to trace a specific part from a photo or image.

Upload the image you want to trace from. Then select the trace icon.



12- Select the magnet trace tool from the trace window.


13- Once the magnet tool is selected a magnet trace box will appear (1). Select it. This will bring up a a small circle with a dot in the middle. This is your magnet trace tool. Click on the part of the image where you would like to traces and continue clicking around the part of the image you want. A green line will appear around where you are tracing.(2)


14- As you can see the green line where you click will highlight the trace area. When you finish tracing the image ensure you finish at the start point.


15- When you click at the final point, the rest of the image will disappear and only the traced area will be on the design space.


16- When you go to cut, you will see that the image also has a cut line around it. If for any reason the cut line is not highlighted, go to the action icon in the cut settings and select cut. This will make the cut line appear.


I have used the design Patches- Badges by Tabitazn.

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