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Auto weed function on Silhouette Studio V4.1

Posted on 13th October 2017
*Business edition

1- Open Silhouette Studio.


2- Create your design or text.


3- Select the little arrow on the right toolbar and select the weed panel.


4- When using the weed panel you do not need your images selected to create week lines.  There is a drop down box with several different options.


5- Horizontal weed lines will separate each line of text or image design.


6- Vertical weed lines will split the image/text downward between any available gaps.


7- H/V gives you both horizontal and vertical weed lines.


8- Recursive separates each letter where there is a gap.


9- The padding slider tool adjusts the spacing around the weed boarder. You can make the border further away or closer to your design.


10-  All weed lines are automatic, so if you add another image/design to your media area it will automatically get weed lines around it.


11-  By unchecking the only shapes on media box, any images off your media area will also now be included in the weed lines.


12- Once you go to the send page you will see that not only the image/text/design is highlighted to cut but also the weed lines are highlighted to cut.

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