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Creating Weeding Lines In Silhouette Studio

Posted on 13th February 2017
1- Open silhouette studio. Select the type tool.

2- Type your text and then select the font you would like. I am using Butterskotch font from

3- Using the line tool, click on the shift key and draw a straight line.

4- Select the replicate panel.

5- Select the advanced replicate icon.

6- Add the number of lines you need. then click on custom replicate and adjust the Y axis to how many cm you need them apart.

7- With all the lines selected, align to the left. Adjust the lines over your text so they are in the right place to cut for weed lines.

8- Move the text away from the lines.

9- Click on the shape tool. Draw a square around your lines.

10- Select all of the lines and square. Right click and make compound path.

11- Place the text back over the lines. With the text only selected, right click and copy the text.

12- Right click again. Select paste in front. This will paste a coy of the text directly over the original text.

13- With the copied text selected, select the weed lines also. Click the modify tool and select subtract.

14- Remove the copied text. this will leave the original text and weed lines, but the weed lines now no longer cut through the text.

15- In the send screen you can see that the weed lines only cut around the text. making it easier to weed with cutting vinyl.

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