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Creating Weeding Lines For Text In Silhouette Studio

Posted on 13th February 2017

1- Open Silhouette Studio.

2-  Create your text and choose the font. I am using Dallon from

3-Select the draw line tool. Hold the Shift key down while drawing your line across the top of the page. The shift key will ensure the line is straight.

4- Using the selection tool, select the straight line.

5- Open the replicate tool and select the advanced options.

6- Select the number of lines you would like to replicate. If you are using a full page I found 7-8 lines work well.

7- Select the custom position Y offset and change to approx 3 cm. This will give you good spacing between the weed lines.

8-  Select replicate.

9- Assess where your weed lines are placed. You may need to adjust them so you do not end up with tiny pieces to weed between the middles of letters etc.

10- Move your text off the workspace.

11- Draw a rectangle around your weed lines. Select the rectangle and all the weed lines together and right click. Select make compound path.

12- Bring your text back over the weed line, making sure the text is where it was before on the lines.

13- With just the text selected right click and select copy.

14- Right click again and select paste in front.

15- you will now have one lot of text over the original text. While the copied text is highlighted hold down the shift key and select the weed lines.

16- Select the modify tool. Then select subtract.

17- The subtract tool will remove the lines that are through the copied text, leaving the original text on the workspace.

18- Having a closer look you will see that the weed lines go around the text.

This makes weeding larger spaces easier. You will only have to weed in strips rather than trying to weed the whole 12 x 12 inch page.

Fonts are from and the font is called Dallon.

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