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Using Warp Templates in Silhouette Studio

*Using designer edition or higher.

1- Open Silhouette Studio Open your file.

2-Insert your design.

3- Click on the warp panel tool.

4- The warp panel will appear.

5- Select the warp template icon. You will have many different templates appear.

6- Click on a template. This will change your image to the warp template you choose.

7- You can toggle beaten templates to find the one you are happy with.

8- You have several different dots to adjust your warped design. The blue dot can be used to adjust the design.

9- The red dots can adjust the overall size of the design.

10- You can also adjust the orange squares.

11- You can click once and remove the warp points to look at your design.

12- You can double click on the design to bring the warp lines back.

13- Once you have finished, click on release warp. This will finalize the warp.

14- You can also warp your own text. Type the text, then select the warp template you would like.

I am using the font garlic butter from fontbundles.net

15- You can double click on the text and view the text. If you double click again you can now edit your text while in warp mode.

16- Finally you can double click for a third time to return to the warp template and adjust the re edited text.

Once finished you can release warp icon.

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