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Creating Rhinestone Templates in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 5th February 2017

1- Open Up the Silhouette Software.


2- Open the file you would like to make your rhinestone template with. You can also use text to create a template.


3- Trace your image to make it a cut file.

*check out HERE for detailed tutorials on how to trace in silhouette.


4- Resize your image.

You do the resize now so when you add the rhinestones you can ensure they fit perfectly.


5- Open your Rhinestone window.


6- Select the size rhinestones you will be using.


7- Next select the style of rhinestone placement you would like.

8- Once you are happy with the look of your template you can cut it out of flocked vinyl. Remove the cut dots from the template and then place on a flat surface. Brush the rhinestones onto the flocked template they will fall into the holes. When you have them all filled move away excess rhinestones and place over the transfer tape. this will pick up your rhinestones and you can now place on your project.

Image is from and the file is called Valentine.

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