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How to thicken foil lines in silhouette studio with the foil quill

*Medium foil tip used.

1- Open silhouette studio. Click on the file drop down menu.


2- Select open.


3- Select your design.


4- Select the design you would like to foil with thicker lines.


5- Resize your design.


6- With your design selected, right click and either ungroup your design, or if you cannot do this release the compound path.


7- With all the design selected, click on the offset tool.


8- Click the offset icon. You will see that all the lines now have an offset.


9-  Adjust the spacing so the offset is almost on top of the original lines. Apply.


10- With the new offset still selected, click the offset tool again. Once again you will see a offset on top of the 2nd offset. Adjust the offset once more to almost touch the lines.


11- You can repeat the above technique to make the line as thick as you would like. Once you are happy, select everything and then right click and group.


12- As you can see, below is the original and the design with the thicker lines. You can see a clear difference in thickness.


13- Go to the send screen. Choose your media and adjust the speed and force for the media you are using. Make sure the sketch pen is selected.


14- Send to your silhouette machine.


15- As you can see here foiled, the top design which had the thicker lines is clearly more defined than the original design.


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