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How to use text with the foil quill in silhouette studio

*Silhouette Cameo 3 used. 

1-Open silhouette studio. Click on the text icon.

2- Type your text.

3- When you type text, the red lines are the cut lines. When you use the foil quill the quill will follow the cut lines. This means that your text will have an outline but not filled inside.

4- You can find fonts which are single lined fonts. These will not leave a outline but act like the text has been handwritten with a pen. I am using the font Dear Agatha font from fontbundles.net

5- You can also use effect and 3D fonts with the foil quill. Again the inside will not fill but the effect of 3D or shadow will be foiled as per the cut lines.

6- When it is time to foil, click send. Set your design to the media you are using. I am using card.Make sure sketch pen is selected. Next change the speed to 5 the force to 4 and passes 1. Click send.

7- With your foil quill drawing, you can see the foil quill drawing where the cut lines would be.

8- You can see where the foil quill drew onto the foil.

9- Once the foil is removed you can see how the different fonts differ depending on if there are a single line font or a regular font.

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