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Multi color foiling in silhouette studio with the foil quill

1- Open silhouette studio Click on the foil icon.


2- Click on the open option.


3- Select your file.


4- Select the designs you would like to foil. I am using Cute christmas clan from designbundles.net


5- Re arrange your designs.


6- Select all the parts of the design you want a specific color.Click the line color tool and color them the color you would like to foil. By selecting the color to match your foil you can find this easy to remember when it comes to the foiling part of the design.


7- Some designs may need several colors but cannot be ungrouped. To get around this right click and release the compound path.


8- Your design will now be all separated.


9- Select all parts of the the design that you released. in this case I have selected all parts of the christmas tree. right click and group.


10- Recolor the lines to the foil color you are going to use.


11- Continue to recolor each part of the design to the color of foil you will use.


12- Go to page setup and turn on the registration marks. Even tho we are not printing and cutting as such you can still use the print and cut function to accurately have multi color foils on your design.


13- Set your design to foiling on cardstock. This includes selecting the media as cardstock, speed 5, force 4 and passes 1.

Next select the line option.


14- By using the line option you can select what color (part of your design) you would like to foil.


15- Unselect all the colors apart from one. This will then only foil the parts you selected for that color.


16- We still need the registration marks on our media. as we are not actually printing and cutting we need to make a blank print and cut file. Open a new file. Go to page setup and select the registration marks. They will appear on your blank file.



17- Go to your print option and print on the media you will be using for the foiling.


18- Adhere the blank media with the registration marks onto your mat.


19- Place mat in the machine and foil the first color. As you can see below only the red foil parts have foiled.


20- Re load your mat. Select another color. Place the matching foil onto your media. and send.


21- Repeat the above process with each separate color in the line screen.


22- Once finished each color will be foiled to mach the line color. And as we use the registration marks all foiling will be aligned on the design.


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