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How to Print and Cut with the Silhouette Curio

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Click on the cutting mat options and change to Curio. Change the size of the cut area to fit the curio mat.

2- With the cutting mat and the size changed, you will see the curio mat appears on the design space.

3- Click on the registration mark option in the page setup. Turn on the registration marks.


4- Open the files and select the designs you would like to print and cut.


5- If  the designs are a a jpeg or PNG file you will need to trace them to get cut lines. Click on the trace icon.


6- Select the trace area.


7- Adjust the trace settings so you can get a clean outline. Then click trace outer edge.


8- You can see that the trace lines are in red.


9- Go to the print icon and print your designs.


10- Once printed place on the cut mat on the curio. If cutting standard cardboard, use all of the mat bases that total 6. (mat 2 + mat 2 + mat 1 + the cutting mat.)


11- Click on the machine options and select the curio.


12- Select the correct cut depth, speed, force and blade, then click send. Your curio will read the registration marks and then cut your files.

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