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How to Trace In Silhouette Designer Edition

Posted on 4th December 2016

Ensure that your file has been downloaded and unzipped to use.

1- Open Silhouette Studio.

2- Select File.

3- Pick the file you want to trace and open up.

4- Resize your image to the size you would like.

5- Select the Trace tab in the toolbar (1) Then click on the Select Trace Area icon(2).

Draw a rectangle around your image. Ensure you have the whole image covered.

When the image has the highlighted rectangle around it you will see some of the image highlight in yellow, this is where the cut lines will be. So we need to adjust it to ensure all the areas we want to cut will be highlighted yellow.

6-When tracing an image there are several option on the Trace feature.

High Pass Filter (1) This traces your image from the outside of the image toward the middle of the image.

Low Pass Filter (2) This traces your image from the centre and works outward.

Threshold (3) This determines how broadly you apply the trace filter to your image starting from the darkest tones to the lightest.

Scale (4) This affect the smoothness of the pixelated edge. This is a great help if the image has a lower resolution.

7- Uncheck the high pass filter (1) and adjust the threshold on your image (2).

We want to trace the outer edge of the image so select Trace Outer Edge (3)

8-You will now see the red line around your image. this is the traces cut line.

I recommend at this point you group the trace selection and your image together so they keep together for any print and cuts. You can also then resize them to fit and know that the trace lines will still match the image file.

9- If you have a file with many designs on it like below and you want a specific part of the image/file you need to do this technique slightly different.

Upload your image into the work space.

10- Select the trace icon (1).In this case I would like to trace only one of the cupcakes from this image. Select the Select Trace Area icon and draw the highlighted rectangle around that part of the image.

11- Turn off the high pass filter (1), then adjust the threshold (2) till your image is highlighted yellow. This time tho we only want this one cupcake so you need to select Trace and Detach(3) This will separate the single cupcake from the rest of the file.

12- As you can see when I move the file away, the single cupcake has been cut out of the file.

13- You will now need to turn on the trace lines with this image you traced and cut out. tho do this select the cupcake.

14- Select the cut settings icon (1), then click on the cut setting. this will now highlight the cupcakes trace line and now when you go to print and cut it will cut the image for you.

(when using the trace and detach option you will always need to do this step so your file will be sat as cut (not no cut))


Fonts are from and the file is called Cute Animals Clipart  and Sweet Summer Set

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